Feb. 18th, 2013

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The first rule of No True Pair is: have fun!
The second rule of No True Pair is: talk about No True Pair
(The third rule of No True Pair is also: talk about No True Pair- just in case you were wondering)

0TP Round Eleven is officially open for sign-ups!


Comment here with your numbered list of eight characters for the Spring 2013 round of No True Pair. As per previous rounds:

- your list can contain characters from one fandom or different fandoms
- you may use your original characters
- you may have more than one list (as many as you like)
- you can also use less than eight characters -- simply repeat the same characters until you have a name next to every number
- every character in your list will have a prompt with every other one.

This is a low pressure challenge. Signing up does not obligate you to complete any fic/art.

I do hope that you will participate and I encourage you to invite your friends!!

(I will be out this evening and away from the internet most, if not all, of tomorrow, so comments/answers to inquiries may be a bit delayed, but nevertheless, don't fret! I'm looking forward to being excited over this with all of you, as usual!)


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