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Title: Overhear
Author: [personal profile] darkicedragon
Fandom: Noblesse
Pairing/characters: M-21, Seira, Tao, Takeo, Regis
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Summary: "Hey, Miss Seira, what colour are you wearing this time?" "Blue." M-21's fairly sure he's not supposed to be hearing this conversation…
Word Count: 519
Prompt/challenge you're answering: Seira & M-21 star in 'the unexpectedly sexy predicament!!

M-21 crouched on a rooftop, trying to hide himself as much as possible – Tao had spotted a group of agents hanging about on the rooftops in that particular area on a random sweep of some security cameras, so they had gone to check it out (Frankenstein was busy with commitments with the school, while he had been taken to the PC Bang by the children). They had split up, trying to cover as much ground as they could, and while M-21 scanned the skyline, trying to find movement, he heard the comms crackle.

"Hey, Miss Seira," M-21 heard Tao say and he was about to tune out the rest of Tao's words when he heard: "What colour are you wearing this time?"

M-21 froze and stared incredulously at the city. Why was he asking… Tao knew what Seira was wearing – they'd only seen each other a couple of minutes ago.

"Blue," came Seira's reply and…M-21 had the sinking feeling they weren't talking about her shirt. But Tao could make his communications private, in case the rest of them were in a middle of a fight and couldn't afford to be distracted; had he forgotten to do that here?

"Oh, great!" There was a shuffle, and M-21 guessed he was nodding. "Thanks for lending me yours – the pink's a nice shade!"

That was not an image M-21 wanted in his head and he was damn sure he wasn't supposed to be hearing their conversation now.

"I'm glad you like it."

"Heh. I think we should it more often. So, listen," Tao continued, "after this, do you wanna come to my room and we can take off-"

"Tao!" M-21's shout came out more like a strangled yelp, but at least Tao didn't continue with what he was saying.

"What's wrong?" Tao said sharply. "What do you see?"

…Haaa… He didn't know their conversation had been public. M-21 screwed his eyes shut, wanting to rub the bridge of his nose. "Nothing."


"What were you talking about…?" Takeo asked, and M-21 gaped. Why was he asking?

"Oh, heh." Tao chuckled. "Doing each other's nails."

What. That's what they were-

"Why, do you wanna help?"

"'Help'?" M-21 repeated blankly. How did you help with that?

"Yes," Seira replied. "I wanted to learn how to do it and Tao allowed me to practice on his nails."

"Yep!" There was a brief pause. "Hey, '21, you did your nails before, didn't you?"

"Until you stole all my nail polish," M-21 grumbled, sagging back. He'd started noticed a few bottles going missing for a while and then when they disappeared permanently he didn't bother getting new ones.

"That's because you knew where to get the good stuff! Yours didn't crack as quickly!"

"You could have asked where I bought them."

Before Tao could retort, Regis cut in with, "I see them; they're to the south."

"All right – number 4, number 3, go in first; number 2, number 5, hold back and support."

"Understood," M-21 said, clenching his hands to double-check his transformation and leapt off the building to team up with Regis.

Next time, he'd ask before making assumptions.
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