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Title: of blackmail and bribery
Author/Artist: [personal profile] gnome
Fandom: FFVII
Pairing/characters: Cid, Reno, Sephiroth
Rating: PG-13 for cussing. Lots of it.
Warnings: none
Count: 1638
Prompt/challenge you're answering: Cid & Reno "…I know about you and the ____"
Notes: Set within the same storyline as sweet things for the innocent, but quite a few years later. My timeline is rather on the vague side ^^;

of blackmail and bribery

They said nothing to each other as they walked through the hallways of the Shinra building, people scuttling out of their way. Cid marveled at how quickly others moved aside as Sephiroth strode along. To those daring enough to greet him, the General of Shinra offered a nod. No one greeted Cid, some even glaring at him for smoking inside. Probably didn't even know who he was.

He kind of liked it that way. Pomp and fuss just wasn't his style.

It had been a fun night of good times and great company. It wasn't often he got to be there when Angeal and Genesis were in residence and with Zack there as well, it was a night he wouldn't soon forget. That is to say what bits of it he could remember he wouldn't forget. Zack playing bartender probably wasn't the best idea. Unlike Cid's idea to give the crew the whole day off, scheduling departure for the evening. Now that was a great idea and the reason he was trailing after Sephiroth on their way up to the landing pad.

Sure he could have headed to where he'd docked the Highwind but the other wouldn't hear of it and had made arrangements for him to be picked up here. At the President's personal landing pad no less. Everyone they were passing probably though he was in trouble or something. Cid couldn't help but grin and add a little swagger to his step.

Then his PHS rang.

"Capt'n, we have a situation," his second in command said the moment he accepted the call.

"What? You bloody better not have scratched up my Lady," he growled into the phone, earning a raised brow from Sephiroth.

", sir. Never."

"Then what?"


"The fuck?" Cid almost coughed around a startled indrawn breath.

"He was here when we dropped lines to wait for you. Wouldn't take no for an answer."

"Fu...fine. Just keep yer bloody eyes on him and don't let 'im touch a bloody thing."

Cid ended the call before a reply could be heard.

"Problem?" Sephiroth asked in that all too calm manner of his. Cid sometimes wondered how the man managed not to go crazy with his public and private persona.

"Yeah. Fucking suit is on my girl. I swear if he touches anything, I'll gut him," Cid growled as he picked up the pace, Sephiroth matching him step for step as people immediately vacated the halls upon their approach. Turks being around never led to anything good.

Not even getting to burst through the door as it was opened by an awaiting army regular, Cid took in everything as he came up with a plan. The ladder down awaiting his arrival, the mooring lines tethered to the top of the building, the golden green haze of a Midgar sunset. The man on the deck outside looking down at them, red ponytail whipping about in the breeze.

Fucking Reno. What does that bastard want?

Slowing his steps for a bit, Cid glanced up at Sephiroth and watched him eye the unwanted guest.

"Do you require assistance?" Sephiroth asked him and Cid shook his head.

"Nah. I got an idea," Cid grinned as he held out his hand for Sephiroth to shake, just like they did every other time they parted ways. It was a good thing they'd said their goodbyes earlier, in private, away from prying eyes. Not that either of them were one for drawn out farewells.

Sephiroth just raised his brow again, hand clasping Cid's in a firm hold with the smallest of friendly squeezes.

"Keep in touch, kid. Be ready to deal with this," Cid added, laughing as he gave Sephiroth a hearty slap to the shoulder and moved away. He could see Reno watching them, could feel his crew and the ground staff watching.

He paused a moment to switch to a fresh ciggie and took a long drag. He wasn't about to deprive anyone of a good show.

Climbing up to the deck, Cid motioned his hand across his throat, knowing his second would cut the speakers. Whatever Reno was here to say wasn't going to be good and they weren't going anywhere until this was done.

"Yo. Nice ride,"

"Get the hell off my ship, Reno."

"Ah ah," Reno sing-songed and Cid ground his teeth. How he hated dealing with this particular Turk. "Nice ride paid for by Shinra. Ya can't tell me to get off."

"The fucking hell I can't," Cid said as he rolled up the ladder. "I have places to be and things ta do. I ain't got no time for chitchat with the likes of you."

"I'm hurt," Reno said as he leaned against the railing. "That's no way to speak to a fellow employee."

"Piss off, Reno."

"You so sure you want that when I have something you might find interesting?" Reno grinned, reaching into his rumpled suit jacket and retrieving a small yellow envelope. Cid did not like that grin.

"What could you possibly have in there that I might want to look at?"

"Surveillance pics. I know about you and the General, Highwind."

Aw fucking hell. That could cause problems. He had memories of the previous night, some vague and some clear as if they'd just happened and there really were some things that they got up to that while it wouldn't cause him trouble, it might for Seph and the others. Cid leaned over the side and signaled to cast off, ignoring the way Reno watched his every move. He and Reno needed to have a bit of a longer chat. One where the Turkling might learn not to underestimate Cid Highwind.

"So unlike you to cut to the chase so quick like. What the hell ya want, Reno?" he asked, hand coming up to make a slow circular motion in the air, one finger raised.

"Oh nothing really. A custom chopper would be nice," Reno shrugged, grin turning to a leer as he considered things. Good, Cid thought, the brat thinks he's in control. "As would a private beach with some pretty ladies at my beck and call. Or maybe I just like to see people squirm."

That'd explain why he was so quick to share.

"I ain't squirming for you, you bastard."

"Oh but you'll squirm for him?" The envelope was popped open and Reno flicked through them, lifting a couple out. Cid recognized the images as definitely being from the previous night's escapades. "Whatever would the fan club say if they got hold of these pictures? They'd be worth a pretty gil to the right buyer."

Reno obviously thought he had the upper hand or was entirely too distracted by his own smugness to not think that Cid would manage to get his hands on him, hadn't truly realized how close Cid was to him. Movement and thought were one as Cid hoisted Reno up and over the railing, Cid's calloused fingers digging into his wrists as the back of Reno's knees hit the top of the railing.

"Fuck..." Reno went a lovely shade of pale and Cid grinned at him around his cigarette.

"You were sayin'?"

"Ya wouldn't dare," Reno spat, eyes bright with a fiery glare. "Company would fucking end you."

"So sure of your worth." Cid made sure to sound extra bored, feeling Reno would really hate it.

"Screw you. I'm a fucking Turk, yo," Reno growled as he struggled briefly, until Cid's widening grin advised him against it. "Worth more than some shitty pilot like you."

"Worth more than Shinra's General?"

"Shit." At this angle Cid knew Reno could see nothing but mako coloured sky, hints of the top of buildings in the distance below and the Highwind above.

"Lookit Reno squirmin' fer me."

"Fuck you, Highwind," Reno growled, eyes darting about until the lit upon the envelope still in his hand. "Want me to drop these? We're high enough up that they'll flutter along in the breeze. Who knows who would end up finding 'em."

To call Reno's bluff or not? Cid glanced between the envelope and Reno's triumphant face.

Then he let go.

It was only through having to catch fumbled tools or risk hitting some poor fool dumb enough to stand below, or have to go through the hassle of getting down to the ground to fetch them that Cid's reactions were fast enough. He snatched the envelope from Reno's hand as the man fell off the airship.

There was a startled yell but no scream. Cid had pegged Reno as a screamer yet was unsurprised that he was cursing him as he went down. The noise cut off abruptly and Cid glanced over the side and breathed a sigh of relief. Sephiroth had been ready. Thankfully the crew had been able to pivot the airship on the spot and Reno hadn't realized that after they'd rotated a couple time that he was being tossed down to the waiting General. Planning something precise like that without instructions took trust, the crew trusting him as captain to know what he was doing and him trusting them to follow his lead, no questions asked. They'd probably all nearly shat themselves when he popped the Turk over the rail.

Cid really did have the best crew and he owed them beers.

Cid waved jauntily down to Sephiroth as the man dropped Reno to the hard concrete. The Turk looked up, first at Sephiroth and then further to where Cid stood. He flipped them both off before slowly getting off the ground. Given the hard glare Reno received, what Cid had just done was the least of his worries.

With one last signal to Sephiroth that he would call, Cid headed inside as the Highwind rose into the air and pointed her nose towards home.
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