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Title: Forgiven
Author: [personal profile] kalloway
Fandom: Gundam SEED Destiny
Pairing/characters: Kira, Luna, etc.
Rating: AA
Notes: An alternate-'verse where the second war was averted. Mostly by the cast not being stupid for the sake of plot.
Prompt/challenge you're answering: Lunamaria & Kira are members of a secret society (though it's more like 'Luna just joined Kira in Athrun's unofficial fanclub, lol')

Lunamaria Hawke & Kira Yamato are members of a secret society

"I am so, so sorry."

Kira blinked. He had no idea who the girl was, why she was sorry, or even why he was bringing Athrun a change of clothing. He'd just gotten the call -- well, answered Cagalli's phone and been rewarded with Athrun's demand.

"Ah, what happened?" Kira questioned. He had an outfit in a plastic bag.

The girl looked at him closely, blinking. "I know you? I've seen you in security footage. You're the one who took Free--"

"I was forgiven for that," Kira mumbled quickly. "I need to see Athrun?"

"Probably still drying his hair," the girl said. "Ah, so you're Kira Yamato, right? I'm Lunamaria Hawke. Come in..."

Kira followed her into the guest house, still unsure what happened. But there was a dour looking boy glaring at him from the open kitchen, a towel around his shoulders.

There was the sound of a door opening a moment later and Athrun shuffled out, deep blue hair hanging in his face. He had a towel around his waist and a bathrobe, open, over that but nothing else.

Wordlessly, he grabbed the bag from Kira and retreated to the bathroom.

"Wow," Lunamaria managed after a long pause. "I am perhaps not as sorry as I was--"

"That's how he normally looks in the morning," Kira noted, shrugging.

"Really?" Lunamaria asked. She reached and grabbed his hand and gave him a little tug towards the main room of the house. "While we're waiting for him, why don't you tell me more?"


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