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Title: Almost the Same
Author: [personal profile] kalloway
Fandom: Gundam SEED Destiny
Pairing/characters: Cagalli, Rey, etc.
Rating: AA
Notes: An alternate-'verse where the second war was averted. Mostly by the cast not being stupid for the sake of plot.
Prompt/challenge you're answering: Rey & Cagalli. "That's almost the same thing."

Athrun hadn't returned. Kira hadn't returned. And honestly, her schedule was full but not too full to escape and see what had happened. Athrun wasn't answering his texts and Kira had forgotten his phone while bagging up things for Athrun.

Cagalli put on a ballcap that absolutely didn't disguise her but at least suggested that she was supposed to be incognito and grabbed her keys.

She, at least, had her phone with her in case of national emergency. Not that she hadn't already had enough. Cagalli definitely had already had enough national emergencies. And everything else.

Dealing with the Seirans had been the worst. She's trusted them... once upon a time, she had even been engaged to their son. But all it took was a nosy journalist following leads while the country was rebuilding to find ties to all sorts of unsavory sorts.

There were far fewer noble houses now.

Cagalli rolled down the window and smiled. Even if strange things were happening, it would be good to see Chairwoman Canaver. They'd talked, many times, over video chat, but not yet in person. She had the same big-sister feel that Murrue had...

She wasn't going to think about the bad things, only the good.

Kira's car was still in the driveway, along with a limo and Athrun's car.

A young man, about her age and with longish blond hair, opened the door.

"Looking for Athrun and Kira," she said with a little shrug before offering a hand. "Purely an unofficial visit."

"Representative?" the young man questioned, blinking.

Cagalli nodded.

"Who is it?"

Cagalli would recognize Eileen's voice anywhere, thankfully. She appeared in the doorway a moment later.

"Ah, Cagalli!"

"Eileen," Cagalli replied, giving the tiniest of bows. "I just came to see what has happened to my friends."

"Athrun took a bit of an early swim, through no fault of his own," Eileen explained. "Rey, let the representative come in."

There was something just a bit off about Rey, but Cagalli couldn't place it. As soon as the door was closed, though, he crumpled to his knees and Cagalli grabbed for him.

"Rey!" Eileen dropped to her knees as well, reaching to put a hand on his forehead. "Are you ill?"

"Just feeling a little dizzy," Rey admitted after a moment. Cagalli thought he was a little warm against him, but it was such a hot day and he was wearing a uniform...

"That's almost the same thing," she muttered before looking to Eileen. "It might just be the heat? If you're not used to it..."

The rest of the group was there a moment later- Cagalli didn't get all of their names at first, but it was Kira and Athrun who ended up half-carrying Rey off to shed layers and rest.

It was Shinn she spoke with the longest, sitting in the kitchen with Eileen off to the side, eavesdropping politely while looking over documents on her tablet.

Shinn was an Orb native. Shinn had lost his family. And Cagalli took his anger, told him the changes she'd made and the hopes she had. She listened, he listened...

When Rey appeared in time for dinner, he thankfully looked quite a bit better.
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