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Title: sweet things for the innocent
Author/Artist: gnome
Fandom: final fantasy vii
Pairing/characters: Cid, Sephiroth
Rating: M for Cid's potty mouth
Warnings: none that i can think of >.> perhaps a beware possible ooc? *shrugs* bloody teenagers *headdesk*
Word count: 1515
Summary: Sephiroth meets a young pilot when on his way to Wutai
Prompt/challenge you're answering: Sephiroth & Cid, with a cherry on top
Notes: err...this is what my brain gave me. seriously just let it do as it pleased and it certainly did. Cid 18-ish. Sephiroth 16-ish? also the title is just for now. will hopefully find something better at a later date.

There was something soothing about the Gelnika. It might have been the constant hum of the engines sending vibrations through the airship. Perhaps it was the way it flew over the clouds leaving land and sea behind.

Or maybe it was that he was given free reign to do as he pleased.

Sephiroth decided it was the last, the freedom from standing on ceremony, being away from the ever watchful eyes of Hojo and President Shinra. Finally he was free of the lab and the constant testing. Free to go to war.

The knowledge that he was going out to war mattered little. This was his purpose, Hojo's own words when discussing the matter with the board of directors, what he, Sephiroth, had been created for. So to war he was going, to defeat the Wutai people, just as Shinra wanted.

Perhaps it would be the beginning of something new. Sephiroth knew already after just a few hours away from Midgar that he'd fight to not go back into Hojo's special care.

Right now though Sephiroth found himself a little lost in the airship transporting him. Unable to sleep for too long thanks to conditioning in the lab, he had planned to go to the bridge and observe their journey. That was until he passed the galley and saw what looked like charts strewn across the large tables secured to the floor. It piqued his curiosity enough to warrant more than a glance from the door.

Closer inspection showed them to not be charts but blueprints, schematics for an airship more grand than the Gelnika he traveled on. Diagrams for a chocobo stable caught his eye, drawing him to lean over the table and follow the finely drawn lines with his fingers. The stable, the operations room, an outside deck and the cockpit.

The sleek lines of a smaller ship hidden within the whole structure...detailed schematics for a jet engine...

A rumble of a throat being cleared surprised him and his blade was drawn and brushing over lightly stubbled skin before he could even think that he might be the one trespassing.

"Really?" the teen asked, blond brow raised in apparent boredom while the blue eyes glared in anger. "Fucken just try it, mate."

The spear an inch from his heart had Sephiroth raising his own brow in respect before he lowered his blade, re-sheathing in the same fluid movement.

"Whew," the teen whistled softly. "You're Shinra's special cargo, aren't ya? Expected ya to stick to your quarters rather than be wandering about the airship. Hungry?" he asked.

It was now that Sephiroth realized that only one hand had been holding the spear to his chest which now rested against a solid looking shoulder. The other hand was occupied with a large bowl of ice-cream and fruit. He shook his head but did pull up a stool to the table when the other indicated he was free grab a seat if he wanted.

"Got a name? I'm Cid." A hand was offered across the table and Sephiroth blinked at it before taking it.

"Sephiroth." It was a good firm handshake.

"So Sephiroth, whatcha think of my baby?" Cid asked, grabbing a piece of fruit off the top of his ice-cream and popping it into his mouth, stem and all.

"A ship within a ship is impossible."

"Bullshit," Cid disagreed. "They say men can't travel in space and yet my old man has designs for the most beautiful piece of mechanical genius you'll ever see, that is until my girl is more than just lovely lines on flat paper."

Sitting quietly as Cid explained how the ship within a ship was going to work without anyone realizing it, Sephiroth couldn't help but be puzzled by the fruit stems Cid kept dropping onto the table not a minute after he'd put them in his mouth.
The stem would go in attached to fruit, as straight as it would be off the tree and yet when Cid plucked them out they were all in tight little knots. Sephiroth, being raised mostly in the lab, hadn't come across fruit that did that.

"What now?" Cid asked after the fifth stem joined the neatly growing pile beside the melting ice-cream. "You look like you want to ask something but don't know what the hell you need to know."

"Do...," Sephiroth really didn't know how to ask what was likely to be an obvious to anyone else answer. "Do they do that naturally when you eat them?" he managed to get out, head tilting towards the pile of stems.


"The fruit stems. Do they naturally become knotted when you eat the fruit?"

"You're kidding right?" Cid's blue eyes narrowed, considering, thinking. "I bloody heard rumors that you were raised by that daft prick Hojo but surely you've seen cherries before."


"For real? Oh you poor fucking bastard. Here," Cid held out the bowl. "Have one."

Eying the melting ice-cream and looking at his gloved hands, Sephiroth shook his head.

"For the love of...Fuck."

The bowl was quickly deposited back in its safe spot on the table and Sephiroth watched as Cid fished out a particularly long stemmed cherry. Parting fruit from stem with a gentle tug, Sephiroth blinked as it was held out to him.

"Well, take it then. It's not gonna bloody bite ya. No seeds in these suckers so you don't have to worry about yer pretty teeth either."

Unwilling to soil his gloves, Sephiroth removed his left one and took the fruit. It felt a little slick on his fingertips and he quickly popped it into his mouth before he could drop it on the table. Sweet flavor burst across his tongue and he found he couldn't move but to press his tongue to the roof of him mouth, extracting as much juice from it as possible. It was better than those hard boiled lollies Heidegger kept trying to give him. Blinking as he finally decided it was time to chew the fruit, Sephiroth noted Cid grinning at him from across the table.

"Good right? Help yourself," he said as he dropped yet another stem to the table. The one that had come from the cherry Sephiroth had eaten sat with the pile, pretty straight but for a slight curve.

"But..." Sephiroth said softly after swallowing, confused as he pointedly frowned at the non-knotted stem.

"Ah, that would be a product of my talented tongue," Cid said with a tone of voice that would only be pride and something more that Sephiroth couldn't quite put in context but it hummed in his ears.

It was similar to the tone he'd heard the Turks use when chatting to the President's secretary.

"You're bloody gonna make me show you how, aint ya?" Cid half growled, still grinning, and Sephiroth realized he's been staring at the man's mouth waiting for the next stem to appear. "Give me your hand then."

It was something Hojo would never allow, Sephiroth freely talking to a stranger, not that Cid was a stranger anymore after sharing dessert and discussing his beloved airship. In the end Sephiroth had to stand, half leaning across the table as Cid took his outstretched hand, mechanic's callouses rough against his wrist.

"Hold that," Cid said, positioning a a cherry, complete with stem, into his fingertips.

Then the whole lot disappeared into Cid's mouth.

Sephiroth wasn't prepared for the heat of Cid's mouth, the wet slick of his tongue or the graze of teeth. He held his breath without realizing, eyes locked with Cid who refused to look away as he did whatever it was he did to tie knots in tiny bits of syrup preserved plant. It was distracting. Then Cid was leaning back and the heat was gone from his fingers but not from the rest of him and it left him feeling a little more lost than before.

"As I said, my tongue is damn talented," Cid said, still staring straight at him.

Sephiroth blinked and finally was able to look away. He looked down at the neatly tied stem in his fingers and couldn't remember how it happened but he did know that Cid did it.

The air between them hummed with a strange tension but Sephiroth didn't feel threatened by it. More curious than anything. Could Cid have cast fascination on him without his being aware of it? Sephiroth didn't think so but he had been distracted.

"How's about I give you a jar from my stash and you can practice. If I'm on the return flight, you can show me if you've mastered it yet."

Nodding absently as he stared at the stem in his fingers, Sephiroth let Cid put a full jar in his free hand, tuck his discarded glove between his fingers and the jar and usher him from the room all the while half-heartedly grumbling about overly melted ice-cream.

Sephiroth was still trying to figure out the mechanics of the knot in the stem a half hour later when he realized that Cid had licked his fingers clean.

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