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No True Pair

so many characters, so little time

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Created on 2009-05-02 08:27:48 (#205671), last updated 2014-08-05 (241 weeks ago)

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Name:No True Pair
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Community description:so many characters, so little time
This is the dreamwidth No True Pair, which ran concurrently with the challenges at the insanejournal No True Pair community for many rounds.

No True Pair is dedicated to the fun and potentially awesome things that can happen when characters and pairings mix it up. Challenges that are designed to get writers and artists thinking about what would happen if their favorite characters interacted in ways that are a little out of the norm.

All genres and genders are welcome. Responsible headers and cut-tags will be required.

Posting etiquette:

Please post your work directly to the asylum. Feel welcome to cross-post, but please put a copy here so your work can remain available to this community's members. The subject line of your post should contain the title of your piece, the fandom, and the pairing/characters. Your headers should include:
Warnings: [if necessary; please warn for character death, rape/non-con, and shota/chan/loli-con]
Prompt/challenge you're answering:
Any additional headers you want to include, such as summaries, author's notes, etc.

Tagging policies: Only the mod can create new tags. If tags are already in the tag list, you are encouraged to use them. Each piece will get a tag for its fandom, its pairing, its creator, and the challenge round that it answers.

Originally created by [personal profile] cypher, currently moderated at insanejournal and dreamwidth by [personal profile] suzume after some stellar turns by [profile] pixelnyx & [personal profile] icedark_elf.
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