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How's everyone doing this morning?

As usual, the only numbers are in the appropriate locations in the prompts (though I have been known to screw this up before...), so you should be able to just find and replace them on your word processor of choice.

April first - seventh

4 & 6 with the title: Make A Splash
1 & 8 are members of a secret society
2 & 5 "That's almost the same thing."
7 & 8 star in 'the unexpectedly sexy predicament!! (take that in whatever direction you like)
4 & 5 "Could you bring me ____?"
3 & 7 with the title: Scattered Stars
2 moves in with 6

April eighth - fourteenth

1 & 7 gratuitous bath scene
5 & 6 to the victor, the spoils
4 & 8 "Are you going to say anything?"
2 & 4 with the title: Portrait of a Noble [Lady] (a la a Goya painting, alter as desired/necessary)
5 & 7 are stranded together
3 & 8 _____ is the best medicine
1 & 3 "Dreams will only break your heart."

April fifteenth - twenty-first

3 & 6 "Would you like to come in?"
1 & 2 go sightseeing
2 & 7 with the title: The [Painter] on His Way to Work (a la a van Gogh painting, alter as desired/necessary)
1 & 4 "This is your wakeup call."
3 & 4 communicate over a large distance
1 & 6 a rose in your hair
5 & 8 "…I know about you and the ____"

April twenty-second - twenty-eighth

6 & 8 with the title: Open Twenty-Four Hours
4 & 7 rescue the living
3 & 5 unraveling
1 & 5 with the title: The Shadow Side
2 & 8 small pleasures
2 & 3 ruin some perfectly good clothes
6 & 7 "Don't look back."

While the prompts with brackets were inspired by specific things and include a word you can leave or change to match your situation, the ones with blank spaces left in (___) extend the occasionally mad-libs-like style of No True Pair even further! I didn't have anything in particular in mind when I came up with them beyond the ability to shape them into many different things. I'll be curious to see what you come up with!

So? Did you get something wonderfully hilarious, brain-breaking, or inspiring that you'd like to share? Feel free to chat and mention some of your favorites here!

And if you still want to sign up, just head on over to the sign-up post and make your lists. If you already peeked at the prompts though, don't cheat! ^^; Tell me you signed up late and I'll mix the numbers up into a new order to keep things randomized for you.

Posting starts April 1st! Good luck and have fun!
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